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Rev. Eddie Henderson


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Rev. Eddie Henderson was elected to serve as the fourth pastor of Peoples Community Christian Church on Sunday, June 18, following a six-month term as interim pastor.

Rev. Henderson steps into the role as pastor, following the retirement of Rev. Bennie B. Ford on December 31, 2022.

Full bio coming soon...

Rev. Bennie B. Ford

Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Bennie B. Ford and First Lady Alice Ford


​It all started back on April 8, 1959. When there was a healthy baby boy born to the proud parents of Bennie and Mary Ford, God certainly had a predestinated mission for Bennie B. Ford and purpose for his life. He had a good family life filled with fun and excitement. And at a young age he started going to church with family members.


At a young age, Ford knew there had to be more to life than just everyday trials and tribulations, so he started really studying the Word of God and developing a real relationship with GOD that could not and would not be broken. On October 5, 1980, he was baptized and decided to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and allow GOD to direct his path for the rest of his life. 


On July 24, 1982, Ford married his high school sweetheart, Alice Smith. The two later had a beautiful baby girl on Febuary 14, 1984 and named her Adrienne.


Wanting to fulfill his spiritual purpose, Ford came to People's Community Christian Church and served as assistant to Rev. Tommie Johnson. He soon accepted his calling to preach and was committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. On April 23, 1989, he was installed as the Pastor of  PCCC.


With the help of McBride and Sons, where he worked as a carpenter, Ford built a brand new church at 9501 Weyburn Dr. The doors opened in September of 1997.


God has blessed Rev. Ford with many gifts.  He's committed father, dedicated husband, anointed preacher, excellent teacher and exceptional leader. He not only preaches the Truth but he lives the Truth.  He's been known to go about the community spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and extending an invitation to our church services.  It amazes everyone how Rev. Ford has the energy and time to do all that he does.


Rev. Ford not only goes out of his way to help his members, but he's more than happy to extend a helping hand to anybody that needs help. He wears many different hats. He's a marriage counselor for couples contemplating marriage, mediator for couples that may be going  through difficult times in their marriage, a job placement specialist for those seeking employment, a  father to the father less and a friend to the friendless and much more.


We thank God for providing People's Community Christian Church such a faithful, talented and committed servant.

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